Property Is The Only Asset That Can't Default

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Property Is The Only Asset That Can't Default

Property Is The Only Asset That Can't Default

Property in Pakistan and other countries is a safe and secure investment. It's an investment that has historically provided reliable returns, with low volatility and relatively little risk. In contrast to most other assets, property cannot default on its obligations or be subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

What are the different types of property?

There are three main types of property: residential, commercial and industrial.

  • Residential - houses that you live in

  • Commercial - offices and shops where businesses are located

  • Industrial - factories, warehouses and other buildings used for manufacturing

How do you buy and sell property?

You can buy and sell property through a real estate agent, auctioneer, developer or land bank.

A real estate agent is an independent contractor who sells properties on behalf of the owner. The agent will normally be paid by commission (percentage) of the sale price. An auctioneer sells property at public auctions where bidding takes place between buyers until one person offers enough money to buy the item being sold at his or her asking price and no higher bids are made. A developer builds new homes on land they own or lease from another party then sells them off individually once they're built and ready for occupation. Land banks are organizations who buy up derelict sites with plans in mind for their redevelopment into housing estates or mixed use developments over time - often working alongside local councils who provide infrastructure such as roads etcetera needed before building work can begin!

What are the tax benefits of property investing?

The tax benefits of property investing are a big part of why it's so popular. The most obvious benefit is that you can make money from rental properties, which means they're an asset class that can generate passive income. But there are also many other ways property investments can help reduce your overall tax liability:

  • Capital gains tax: When you sell an investment at a profit, it's possible to offset this gain against any capital losses or other deductions in order to reduce your overall taxable income for the year. This is known as "capital loss harvesting"--you want all of your gains during one year so that when you do sell something later on down the line (and hopefully at a higher price), there isn't very much profit left over after paying taxes on those gains!

  • Rental income: If someone rents out part or all of their home through Airbnb or another similar platform and pays themselves rent from this arrangement instead of paying themselves wages from their employer (which would result in payroll taxes), they'll pay lower taxes than if they had taken those same funds as wages instead -- which makes sense because these renters are essentially paying themselves rent anyway!

Property is a safe and secure investment.

Property is a tangible asset, meaning it's an investment that you can touch and feel. When you buy property, you're buying something that will be around in 10 years' time and beyond. You don't need to worry about a company going bust because they have no assets; the only thing they owe is money - which could easily be paid back with interest rates so low that it hardly matters anyway!

Property also offers some very good long-term returns on investment (ROI), making it ideal for retirement planning purposes as well as helping young people get onto the property ladder sooner rather than later.


Property is one of the most secure investments you can make. It offers you more than just a return on your investment; it also gives you peace of mind that your money is safe and secure. The only way property can default is if someone doesn't pay their mortgage or rent, which happens rarely enough that we won't worry about it here! The next time someone tells you they're worried about what will happen in the stock market or how volatile cryptocurrency prices are, remind them how much safer real estate investments are compared with other types of assets like stocks or bonds

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