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Terms and Conditions

  1. The terms and conditions listed below regulate the issuance of this membership certificate to the applicant by CA Gold City Housing Scheme (Pvt.) Limited (CA Gold City).
  2. The plot's dimensions and location are approximate and are subject to change following delineation and measurement at the time of possession transfer.
  3. All development fees are included in the plot price, although the administration of CA Gold City maintains the right to put on extra fees in extreme cases.
  4. An applicant's plot may only be used for the purpose for which it was allocated. e.g. residential plots cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  5. Under no circumstances can the management of CA Gold City pay any applicable interest or markup over the amount they paid.
  6. The transfer letter issued by the COMPANY is a mandatory for sale or purchase and transfer letter has creates the ownership rights and in the absence of transfer letter the sale or purchase shall be null and void.
  7. That the PURCHASER shall be bound to pay the remaining outstanding sale consideration in monthly installments as per agreed payment schedule annexed with this agreement which is an integral part of this sole agreement, this is the sole responsibility of the PURCHASER to pay installments on the due date, in default of two consecutive monthly installments this agreement will be cancelled, paid amount by the PURCHASER will be refunded after deduction @15% of the total amount after completion of project.
  8. Without the permission of CA Gold City's design studio department and any additional authority or department qualified to do so, no construction can begin.
  9. The management committee of CA Gold City reserves the right to sell or allot to any other applicant or person any plot that an applicant surrenders (or that is cancelled from the applicant's name due to non-payment of dues), and the ex-applicant or allottee shall have no rights whatsoever over such plot.
  10. The management committee of CA Gold City's decision is final and cannot be contested in any venue.
  11. After receiving clearance for the map from the design studio department of the property, the applicant will be permitted to apply for actual ownership of the plot assigned to him.
  12. After paying all dues and fees to CA Gold City, the applicant or transferee is obliged to promptly register the plot with the relevant sub-registrar revenue.
  13. Any changes to lease of PROPERTY by PURCHASER to any party shall be notified to the COMPANY within fourteen (14) days of the lease agreement start or termination date.
  14. No PURCHASER shall use a PROPERTY for any purpose other than for which it is sold (DESIGNATED PURPOSE).
  15. A PURCHASER shall comply with all notices, instructions, security procedures and directives implemented and issued from time to time by the COMPANY in respect of the use and occupation of the Land.
  16. If a PURCHASER fails to comply with the provisions of Rules and such failure persists for a period of thirty (30) days after written notice given by the COMPANY, the COMPANY shall be entitled to remedy the failure in question in such manner as it deems fit and to recover the cost of doing so from such as PURCHASER.
  17. The applicant or transferee is liable for paying all transfer/registration/mutation fees, including all taxes, tariffs, and other government fees.
  18. The civil court has no jurisdiction to adjudicate upon in any type of dispute between SELLER and the PURCHASER.
  19. The arbitration committee of CA Gold City will hear any disputes between the applicant and CA Gold City, and their judgment will be final and binding on all parties.
  20. In addition to the bye-laws, rules, and regulations governing the allotment, possession, ownership, construction, and transfer of plots that are periodically enforced by CA Gold City and any other authority or department qualified to do so, the Applicant shall abide by the terms and conditions listed above.
  21. The COMPANY is entitled and fully authorized to cancel the agreement in case of any violation of the contents of the said agreement.
  22. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto in their full senses have agreed upon the above agreement in presence of the marginal witness.

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